Amanda E. Eller


Every patient will receive a thorough evaluation on the first visit, to assess the body as one inter-connected system. A comprehensive treatment plan will then be established to target chronic issues, and compensatory patterns that occur as a result of pain and injury. The majority of each session will generally consist of hands-on medically targeted bodywork to address the root cause. A detailed home exercise program will be created to address the patient's individual needs to promote a speedy recovery. 

Integrative Manual Therapy


Manual therapy is an integral part of my practice. I strongly believe that a hands-on approach to treatment is necessary, in order to feel and determine the "problem areas" and pathological tissues contributing to the injury. The human body has a miraculous way of compensating after experiencing an injury, which allows us to quickly move forward with our lives. Over the years however, cumulative micro-damage to these injured body tissues result in weakening and eventual failure. This is the case with insidious injuries that do not have a clearly defined mechanism of injury - the "straw that broke the camels back" phenomenon.

A thorough hands-on physical therapy evaluation is extremely important, as it will assist in determining the depth of the injury and all tissues that may be at fault in the contribution to the patient's pain. Medically targeted bodywork will address chronic injuries and compensatory patterns that occur as a result of injury and pain. This assists in unlocking these areas of stagnation and allowing the body to heal itself. 

Here are some of the techniques I utilize in my treatments:

Yoga Therapy 


For years now, I have personally practiced yoga to assist my body in healing from injury as well as preventing new injuries. Yoga is a wonderful balance of strength and flexibility and allows us to tune into our bodies and work within the constraints of our tissues. In my experience, I have found that most injuries happen as a result of us ignoring the signals our body is giving us, and pushing past these constraints. Yoga practice is an excellent method to re-establish the boundaries and respect for our bodies, while mentally and physically tuning into these signals to assist in preventing future injuries.  Depending on the patient and preference of their rehabilitation program, I offer integration of yoga asana into physical therapy treatment to assist in restoring strength and flexibility to the injured tissue.  

One-on-one private yoga sessions are also available.  Please inquire for more details.


Personalized Exercises

foot band.jpeg

After performing a thorough physical therapy evaluation, exercises will be given to the patient to perform at home. These exercises will address the specific dysfunction of the injured tissue and restore range of motion, strength, and flexibility to the body. Ergonomic assessment and body mechanics training are also key factors that will be covered within the treatment.

No specialized equipment will be necessary for you to complete your home exercise program. I will also provide detailed instructions, and videos when necessary, so there is no guesswork. Patients who stick to their program will experience accelerated results, recovering from injuries quickly. 


What sets me apart?

  • Spending the time necessary to get the job done. Treatments will last a full 60 minutes and patients leave with immediate relief. 
  • Determining and addressing the root cause of the injury to ensure full rehabilitation.
  • Utilizing the most current, evidence-based research to provide the most effective treatment methods. 
  • Holistic treatment of the patient to revive the body, mind, and spirit, thereby restoring balance in the individual.
  • Fast and affordable treatment to get you better, faster. 

Ready to take the step to get your body out of pain? Contact me to learn more or schedule an appointment.